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Convert MySQL tables to PHP class: Generate code to access MySQL records as objects

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Name: Rafael Rocha <contact>
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Country: Portugal Portugal
Age: 36
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This class can be used to generate code to access MySQL records as objects.

It accesses a given MySQL database and retrieves the list of tables and information about the respective table fields.

The class can generate code for classes that can be used to access the respective MySQL table records as if they were objects.

The generated classes can have getter and setter functions for each table field, functions to insert or update records with the object values, functions to load a record with a given identifier, and delete the object record.

 * Author: Rafael Rocha - - - or for any question - EN and PT
 * Date: 26.04.2009
 * Version: 1.1
 * License: LGPL 
 * What do: This is a class to convert your mysql
 * tables into php classes.


I-What do?
II - Install
III - How to use functions
IV - About author
V - Bugs Fixed and Other important things

I - What this class do?***************************

Run index.php, set the mysql connection settings. This will be convert all your tables into php classes.
For exemple you have table: Users, Products. You will have users.class.php and products.class.php. With 
getters and setters and other nice functions. Any question

II - Install ***************************

Just run index.php and put in the Textfields mysql information. Make sure that file directory is 777CHMOD.

III - How to use functions ***************************

After you have all of your classes put them into library folder FOR EXAMPLE: (just a example)



in public_html/index.php use:

require '../users.class.php';
require '../products.class.php';

Now you can use!

$Classe_user = new users(); // use to connect to mysqli with class DataBaseMysql.class.php 

//Load user id=4 *******


//OK! now you can use that by getfunction. You can have all information in ROW id=4!

echo $Classe_user->getName();
echo $Classe_user->getPassword();


$Classe_user->New_user("Rafael", "pasword"); //you had clear by reload new information into variable

$Classe_user->Save_Active_Row_as_New(); // save this new user as a new in table

//Set Function ANd Save_active_row() *******

$Classe_user->Load_from_key(4); //all information about id=4

$Classe_user->setName = ("John"); // Rafael -> John (same password yet!)

$Classe_user->Save_Active_Row(); // UPDATE row in table

//Delete_row_from_key($key_row){} *******

$Classe_user->Delete_row_from_key(4); //delete row that have id=4.

//GetKeysOrderBy($column, $order) *******

$keys = $Classe_user->GetKeysOrderBy("name", "desc");  // array of keys order by name desc. You can put asc

	for($i=0; $i!=sizeof($keys); $i++){ run all the array
	   $Classe_user->Load_from_key($keys[$i]); // possicion in key array, to load information
		echo $Classe_user->name; //right information, with orther by name desc.
//you see that just a simple for and array off keys, you can have all users information simplY!!!

IV - About Author **********************

Rafael Rocha is from Póvoa de Santo Adrião > Odivelas > Lisboa > Portugal
Study in ISCTE LISBON engº informatica or for any question - EN and PT -> to libraries

V - Bugs fixed and other important things

 * Bugs fixed in 1.1: 
 * 1º Mysqli query function
 * 2º Save as new function on classes
 * Bugs still hapen:
 * 1º table keys in end of table missing. So don´t let your table keys in end of table fields
 IMPORTANT: This classe use mysqli classe, that just php 5.0 have! if you don´t have mysqli function, you need to install manual.

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Name: Convert MySQL tables to PHP class
Base name: mysql_
Description: Generate code to access MySQL records as objects
Version: 1.2
PHP version: 5
License: GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
All time users: 3744 users
All time rank: 876
Week users: 0 users
Week rank: 200 Equal
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  Plain text file users.class.php Class user class

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