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File: ReadmeEN.txt
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Class: Convert MySQL tables to PHP class
Generate code to access MySQL records as objects
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 * Author: Rafael Rocha - - - or for any question - EN and PT
 * Date: 26.04.2009
 * Version: 1.1
 * License: LGPL 
 * What do: This is a class to convert your mysql
 * tables into php classes.


I-What do?
II - Install
III - How to use functions
IV - About author
V - Bugs Fixed and Other important things

I - What this class do?***************************

Run index.php, set the mysql connection settings. This will be convert all your tables into php classes.
For exemple you have table: Users, Products. You will have users.class.php and products.class.php. With 
getters and setters and other nice functions. Any question

II - Install ***************************

Just run index.php and put in the Textfields mysql information. Make sure that file directory is 777CHMOD.

III - How to use functions ***************************

After you have all of your classes put them into library folder FOR EXAMPLE: (just a example)



in public_html/index.php use:

require '../users.class.php';
require '../products.class.php';

Now you can use!

$Classe_user = new users(); // use to connect to mysqli with class DataBaseMysql.class.php 

//Load user id=4 *******


//OK! now you can use that by getfunction. You can have all information in ROW id=4!

echo $Classe_user->getName();
echo $Classe_user->getPassword();


$Classe_user->New_user("Rafael", "pasword"); //you had clear by reload new information into variable

$Classe_user->Save_Active_Row_as_New(); // save this new user as a new in table

//Set Function ANd Save_active_row() *******

$Classe_user->Load_from_key(4); //all information about id=4

$Classe_user->setName = ("John"); // Rafael -> John (same password yet!)

$Classe_user->Save_Active_Row(); // UPDATE row in table

//Delete_row_from_key($key_row){} *******

$Classe_user->Delete_row_from_key(4); //delete row that have id=4.

//GetKeysOrderBy($column, $order) *******

$keys = $Classe_user->GetKeysOrderBy("name", "desc");  // array of keys order by name desc. You can put asc

	for($i=0; $i!=sizeof($keys); $i++){ run all the array
	   $Classe_user->Load_from_key($keys[$i]); // possicion in key array, to load information
		echo $Classe_user->name; //right information, with orther by name desc.
//you see that just a simple for and array off keys, you can have all users information simplY!!!

IV - About Author **********************

Rafael Rocha is from Póvoa de Santo Adrião > Odivelas > Lisboa > Portugal
Study in ISCTE LISBON engº informatica or for any question - EN and PT -> to libraries

V - Bugs fixed and other important things

 * Bugs fixed in 1.1: 
 * 1º Mysqli query function
 * 2º Save as new function on classes
 * Bugs still hapen:
 * 1º table keys in end of table missing. So don´t let your table keys in end of table fields
 IMPORTANT: This classe use mysqli classe, that just php 5.0 have! if you don´t have mysqli function, you need to install manual.

For more information send a message to info at phpclasses dot org.