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Title: Symfony Certification

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Symfony Certification


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Raúl Fraile



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July 22, 2015

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July 27, 2015
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Picture of Joseluis Laso
Joseluis Laso
This book has a very clear goal: to prepare you to face the certification exam with the maximum chances of success. To reach this goal the author has prepared a lot of questions in each of the 16 chapters of the book.

The questions have to be answered consulting the official documentation, without looking at the responses, in order to see how prepared we are.

So, once we answer the questions of the chapter, go to the sheet of answers to check our results and learn from the detailed explanations. It is recommended that you study in depth all the wrong responses.

The book, obviously, is about the current certifiable version of Symfony. The author will update the book as soon as SensioLabs changes the version of Symfony evaluated in the exam.

When I began reading the book, its structure seemed weird. I am used to read first the theory and after that, take the questions.

The truth is that covering all the theory needed to take the certification exam has no room in a book with this number of pages. And all the theory documentation is easily available online.

What is not so easy to find is the explanation of all of the questions you can come up about the theory. The author presents a lot of questions. Some of them are really tricky, like real the questions. So we have to do our best answer them correctly.

The author explains at the beginning of the book how is the certification exam: total time, number of questions and their type.

Although there are no questions to develop or to write in the exam, the author has prepared some hands-on exercises. Those questions will help us to dive in the study by practicing looking at the internals and PHP stuff.

There are practical exercises of all difficulty levels. Some of them could be used in candidate tests for a job in a big software company.

It is obvious that merely studying using this book does not guarantee us getting the certificate. Although it is clear to me that it will prepare us to open our minds and know how we have to dive in the study process, looking at the kind of questions that we may find.

Anyway, reading and assimilating the content of this book made clear at least two big points: 1) know if we are ready to take the exam, 2) dive into the knowledge of Symfony2.

Symfony Certification self-study is a well structured book, if can say, following all the subjects proposed by SensioLabs in their official site.

Like the author, I was in the same certification exam, getting so nervous but having a great desire of learning from that experience.

Years later and after having worked intensively in several Symfony2 projects, I still remember how scared I was looking at those questions in front of the very own Fabien Potencier.

Now that I finished this book review, I am looking forward to get my hands dirty and read each of the more than 250 questions and their detailed explanations.

This time I have the goal that I will be able to get the Symfony certification, without doubts, much better prepared when compared with the last time I tried it years ago.
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