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Title: Professional PHP4 Web Development Solutions

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Professional PHP4 Web Development Solutions


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Raj Kumar Dash
Bryan Waters
Alison Gianotto
Jo Henrik Endrerud
Matt Anton
Jon Stephens
Daniel Solin


Wrox Press

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November 2002



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December 15, 2002
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
Often learning by example is the fastest and easier way to learn for many people. This is particularly true for people willing to learn how to develop solutions that solve their software needs. This is the focus of the book PHP4 Web Development solutions.

This book presents with great detail solutions for a significant number of common types of Web applications. These are not at all trivial applications. These are applications that address the needs of many sites.

The list applications is long but I will try to summarize the topic that they address and represent more frequent needs of people developing Web applications. Those applications implement: directory of subscribers of a site, online messaging, online multimedia content publishing, WAP applications for mobile devices, job board, classified ads board, a search engine and a portal.

Most applications are database driven and come with detailed database schema definition with detailed explanations on the purpose of the tables and their relationships.

These database applications use PEAR::DB as API. However, all of them are MySQL specific. This means that they may need to be adapted to work with other types of databases because currently PEAR::DB does not provide complete database independence support as it would be needed.

Most applications use either Smarty or PHPlib packages to render the user interfaces from template page files. This is useful to demonstrate how to separate the presentation layer from the applications' logic layer with all the convenience that arises from that.

Overall this is a very useful book that can be used to learn from practical examples of real world applications. If you were look for a PHP Web applications cookbook to help you to learn about common application and design and implementation techniques, this book is surely a good choice.
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