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Title: Web Application Development with PHP 4.0

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Web Application Development with PHP 4.0


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Tobias Ratschiller
Till. Gerken


New Riders Publishing

Release date

July 2000



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June 16, 2002
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
Web development, like with any other type of application development, it is not just a matter of using an appropriate programming language and code the applications. It requires appropriate methods and tools to be done properly.

This is the focus that was given in the classic book "Web Application Development with PHP 4.0" by the PHP gurus Tobias Ratschiller (of PHPMySQLAdmin and PHPAds fame) and Till Gerken.

The book addresses the use of PHP in a perspective of Web development that matters to software development managers and IT managers. Non manager Web developers should also be interested the in aspects covered in the book because as their career evolves, eventually they will become managers too.

The book talks about planning as a initial key step for sucessful development of complex application and goes on explaining the importance of the advanced PHP capabilities to solve the different types of issues that usually arise in complex and also in not so complex Web applications.

Important issues like OOP (Object Oriented Programming), multi-user applications, multi-tier architectures, database abstraction, authentication and security, data interchanging, etc., are just a few of the important issues that are addressed in this book.

To finalize, several case studies are presented as examples of how the concepts presented through the book were applied to solve issues of some complex Web applications developed in PHP.

As a bonus, the book presents a section where it is documented the process of creating new extensions for the PHP in C as a means of taking PHP beyhond the limits of its current capabilities.

This book is especially addressed to software development and IT manager or developers that have the ambition to become managers too. The fact that is focus on PHP development makes its very useful for managers that already decided for PHP but do not have a good idea how classic programming paradigms can be applied in Web programming with PHP. Overall, this is a classic that may be very valuable to all types of PHP developers or managers.
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