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Title: Managing and Using MySQL

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Managing and Using MySQL


Database programming books


George Reese
Randy Jay Yarger
Tim King
Hugh E. Williams


O'Reilly & Associates

Release date

April 2002



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February 23, 2003
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Picture of Manuel Lemos
Manuel Lemos
Developing the software to access databases is not the only important task that needs to be performed to make database applications work. Obviously somebody has to manage the database itself, i.e. making the database server work properly.

Ideally the database management tasks should be performed by dedicated professionals. However, in circumstances where the budget is too limited to hire such professionals, the person that performs the database management tasks is the same that actually develops the application.

This is often the case of people that develop database applications with MySQL. One of the reasons that makes many people choose MySQL is indeed because it is a free solution that provides powerful SQL based database programming.

That fact made the development of many database applications viable because it may depend only on the work of a single person that does everything from the programming to the actual database maintenance tasks.

Managing and Using MySQL is a book that fits the needs of those people that need to know at least a little of everything that concerns putting database applications to work all by themselves.

Besides the usual MySQL programming issues, this books covers database installation of MySQL server under Unix or Windows, logging server activity, tune the server to maximize performance of the applications, take care of security issues to prevent abuses from unauthorized personnel, perform maintenance tasks like taking backups of the data stored in the database, recovery of crashes or other types of data loss, etc...

If you are a person that use MySQL and usually has to take care of both the programming and the database management tasks, this book may be ideal for you. It provides a very light reading that can give you a quick overview of most of the relevant issues that you need to learn to get your MySQL based database applications working conveniently.
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