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show images from google drive on website 0

Picture of Naveed Jasim by Naveed Jasim - 4 years ago (2019-03-27) show images from google drive

ow I can show images from google drive on website

Extract Data from Resumes / CV 0

Picture of Raghu Veer by Raghu Veer - 4 years ago (2019-03-15) cv parser

Extract Candidate info like Phone Number, Name, Skills etc

Bitcoin payment gateway intigration 0

Picture of swapna priya by swapna priya - 4 years ago (2019-03-14) bitcoin payment gateways

Bitcoin payment gateway intigration example

User define the column to display 0

Picture of Kent Lugpatan by Kent Lugpatan - 4 years ago (2019-03-14) selected column table

A script that it will be the user's choice to display column

All the world 0

Picture of max bomb by max bomb - 4 years ago (2019-03-13) maxbomb


FTP without PHP FTP extention 0

Picture of Andras Gabheg by Andras Gabheg - 4 years ago (2019-03-08) ftp without extention

I need FTP functions in a php file that I can add to my project

Extracting Invalid email addresses as valid 0

Picture of Arpita G by Arpita G - 4 years ago (2019-03-07) emailvalidation

Getting error for validating some email addresses

Parse and extract PDF for validating accessibility issues 0

Picture of samjacob by samjacob - 4 years ago (2019-02-28) accessibility

I need to parse a PDF document for accessibility issues

php all ip packages 1

Picture of kevin omanga by kevin omanga - 4 years ago (2019-02-19) api

login user profile

Validate a HTML form 0

Picture of 3Di by 3Di - 4 years ago (2019-02-17) reservation form

I need the PHP side of things as a class which uses mail()

shuffle and extract random number from array of a million digit 0

Picture of Olie Oliseh by Olie Oliseh - 4 years ago (2019-02-09) random number

I need to extract a random number every 3 hours from stored unit

i want to share file from one server to another 0

Picture of Gaurav Chaurasiya by Gaurav Chaurasiya - 4 years ago (2019-01-31) sftp

we have 3 server in aws we want to share the file across 3 serve

Detect file encoding and convert it to UTF-8 without BOM A request is featured when there is no good recommended package on the site when it is posted. 4

Picture of Ashok by Ashok - 4 years ago (2019-01-23) detecting file encoding

I am unable to detect file encoding, that needs to be converted

using phone camera to scan barcode into mysql 0

Picture of Azriel Gerald by Azriel Gerald - 4 years ago (2019-01-16) android barcode scanner

using phone to scan barcode into mysql

extrct link to url 0

Picture of DINAL AHIR by DINAL AHIR - 4 years ago (2019-01-08) sitemap genrator

i need notepad file

Post Edit 0

Picture of Hardly Shaw by Hardly Shaw - 4 years ago (2019-01-05) post edit

A Class that can edit and save post like wordpress

Best secure user managment/roles class 1

Picture of Bjørn H Kristiansen by Bjørn H Kristiansen - 4 years ago (2018-12-25) codeigniter

Building a decoupled backend, needs strong user managment

Mysql 2 msqli 1

Picture of Roel Hagen by Roel Hagen - 4 years ago (2018-12-21) mysql class

How to use msqli on mysql scripts

EMAIL with PDF Attachment 2

Picture of Ray Venoski by Ray Venoski - 4 years ago (2018-12-18) email

I want to send a invoice PDF file via email

Validate US address using USPS API 1

Picture of Jonathan Yergin by Jonathan Yergin - 4 years ago (2018-12-14) validate address usps api

I would like to validate US postal addresses using USPS API