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Subject:no source code
Summary:no source code
Author:peter mcdonald
Date:2007-07-14 19:25:44
Update:2007-07-14 19:44:32

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Picture of peter mcdonald peter mcdonald - 2007-07-14 19:44:32
Although this is a very good book, it is somewhat outdated and as pointed out by the other commenter does not cover php 5.

1 problem with the fact that this book is so old is that the source code is no longer available (not as far as I can find anyway). It does not come with a disc of source code so the logical place to look is the web page for the book but unfortunately the site has been shut down with a message saying it was shut down due to too many hacking attempts on its forum. There is an email address to contact but unfortunately no one seems to be responding to any emails sent to it.