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Subject:What a Book
Summary:All I understood from this book is
Author:Babu Mathew
Date:2010-04-12 10:49:09
Update:2010-04-13 04:17:36

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Picture of Babu Mathew Babu Mathew - 2010-04-12 16:12:34
All I understood from this book is that its a crap. may be because i am zero in finance and/or business. Book says that, read the other books of the author to really understand, how to become rich!! (I guess he is teaching us the marketing strategy. Write a book like this and just the heading will give a good publicity!) I do not know how this book survived all these years !

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Picture of Manuel Lemos Manuel Lemos - 2010-04-13 04:17:36 - In reply to message 2 from Babu Mathew
I am afraid you missed the point of the book.

It is not so much about telling you the business you should develop to become rich. I suppose if the author knew it, he would probably implement that business instead of telling everyone in book, don't you agree?

The point is rather to tell you about the basic concepts about finances that are important to understand, so you can figure what criteria is important to put a business to work.

That is just the beginning. The book provides orientation about the criteria to determine what businesses may be worth investing, but obviously will not suggest any business in specific. It is up to you to use your creativity and your know-how on matters that you like to figure what businesses you may create and do what you like.

If you do not have a good idea, the book also suggests that you take jobs working for others for a while, so you can learn more about businesses. There may be no instant magic solution for you. It is a process that may take years, but you need to start it now if you have not done it already.

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