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Subject:Low level language
Summary:The diplomacy in verbal communications is a non geek privilege
Author:Gigi Marga
Date:2008-12-16 07:21:12
Update:2008-12-16 07:26:29

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Picture of Gigi Marga Gigi Marga - 2008-12-16 07:26:29
I am sure that the low level language is not ASM or smth like this... I can understand pure English. "even non geek users"???????? How in the world could you come up with this formula???? Never read the first book but if I understand it, I should be a geek, huh? I installed and used a lot of PHP+(x)SQL applications and I can assure you that: 1. My SEX LIFE is healthy, 2. I drink alcohool, 3. I have a life, 4. I have my own apartment, 5. I am funny and make a lot of jokes

geeeesh... the only geek around is you I think...

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