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Your three packages

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Subject:Your three packages
Summary:Their names
Author:Jay Pearce
Date:2017-10-14 22:52:18

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Picture of Jay Pearce Jay Pearce - 2017-10-14 22:52:18
Please correct my confusion. Following are the names of three classes I have that are connected to your name:


These are the three classes connected to your name as displayed on


Only the name of the first in each group matches. What am I missing here?

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Picture of Rafa Rodriguez Rafa Rodriguez - 2017-10-15 02:06:59 - In reply to message 1 from Jay Pearce
Hi Jay,

Recently I rename my projects under the div organization:

- "div" is still "div", Div PHP Template Engine (template engine and code generator)
- "php hot map", is now "div-ajax-mapping", Div PHP Ajax Mapping (ajax utility)
- "php db fast", is now "div-nodes", Div PHP Nodes (nosql database system)
- ... and the new "div-ways", Div PHP Ways (routing and controlling the flow of php app) force me to change the name, for example, of divAjaxMapping (camel case) to div-ajax-mapping (I talking about projects/packages names, no classnames). Similarto divNodes to div-nodes, and divWays to div-ways.