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Good Work!

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Subject:Good Work!
Summary:Package rating comment
Author:Tufan Baris YILDIRIM
Date:2011-10-17 07:30:34
Update:2011-10-17 07:47:18

Tufan Baris YILDIRIM rated this package as follows:

Utility: Good
Consistency: Good
Documentation: Good
Examples: Good

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Picture of Tufan Baris YILDIRIM Tufan Baris YILDIRIM - 2011-10-17 07:30:34
Good Work!

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Picture of Richard Keizer Richard Keizer - 2011-10-17 07:47:18 - In reply to message 1 from Tufan Baris YILDIRIM

I am still looking for a wordlist that is smaller but still sufficient.
Btw: have you tried it on iPad? It should work like a charm.

thanks for the ratings.. much appreciated!