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Summary:Qustions: PHP5 and sub tree
Author:Jens Kjelsbak
Date:2007-01-12 12:28:59
Update:2007-01-12 22:06:14

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Picture of Jens Kjelsbak Jens Kjelsbak - 2007-01-12 12:28:59
Hi Enéas,

XPMenu is very well done!

1) Do your happen to know what needs to be done to port XPMenu to PHP5?
2) Have you thought about making a deeper tree structure?

Very best regards,


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Picture of Eliel Uséias Schreiber Gesing Eliel Uséias Schreiber Gesing - 2007-01-12 22:06:14 - In reply to message 1 from Jens Kjelsbak
Hello Jens,

In some days (two weeks max) I will be launching a web menu application, with these features and more:

- Easy of use (really easy)
- Dynamic Menu (Real-time modifications)
- Keyboard Shortcuts Support
- AJAX-like Technology
- Popup Mode (Contextual Menu)
- Movable Menu (you can move the menu on the screen)
- Floatable Menu (menu that float on screen scroll)
- Multilevel (unlimited submenus)
- Menu read from database

I don't have made tests on PHP 5... but probabily is functional...

I recommend you to wait, because this class is comming...

Enéas Gesing :)