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Subject:Working Example
Summary:I like the design, but a few things missing from the package
Author:Trent DeCamp
Date:2006-03-08 02:18:06


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Picture of Trent DeCamp Trent DeCamp - 2006-03-08 02:18:06
I really like the design of your event calendar and want to actually see the example working, but looking through the package and the code, it looks like there are a couple of things missing. I'd be most appreciative if you could supply the following:

1) the event_calender.sql script
2) any GIF files referenced in output of DrawCalender method (s.gif)
3) once I see the .sql, the SearchImageAndDelete method in ClsConnection.cls.php may make more sense???


1) A screen shot of what the example looks like.

Thanks and again, nice work!