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Not possible to install

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Subject:Not possible to install
Summary:errors on localhost installation
Date:2008-09-07 17:13:01

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Picture of robward robward - 2008-09-07 17:13:01
I downloaded the ZIP and tried to install this script on my localhost using Xampp.
I installed a database called "ml_log" with phpMyAdin
changed the database settings in install.php to:
$myLog->DB_Host = "localhost";
$myLog->DB_Name = "ml_log";
$myLog->DB_User = "root";
$myLog->DB_Password = "";
$myLog->MySql_Bin = "E:\xampp\mysql\bin\mysql.exe";

But all I get when I run install.php is

ERROR: One or more of the installation scripts is missing.
MESSAGE: Check a backup directory if one exists.
MESSAGE: Terminating installation.