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Role: Auxiliary data
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Description: Auxiliary data
Class: Secure PHP Login System
Register and login users using a database via PDO
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Shamil Kashmeri asked whether he should upgrade from 0.1 to 0.3 and I thought it would be a good idea for making a changelog instead of explaining the new features everytime someone asks.

Each version section also has instructions on how to modify your existing logSys calls to work on the new version.

1.0 Series


  • Fix #36
  • Fix composer.json
  • Fix LS.php version code


  • Use non blocking sessions
  • Fix bugs


  • 2 Step Login * 2 Step Login process is done now with exceptions * Added `Fr\LS\TwoStepLogin` exception class * Added try limit for entering token. For this `config` -> `two_step_login` -> `token_tries` has been added. Default : 3 * Revoking the device which is used by user will force a logout
  • Requesting tokens more than 5 times will cause account to be blocked This can be changed with `config` -> `brute_force` -> `max_tokens`
  • All result from database is regarded as strings or null
  • Fixed `Fr\LS::joinedSince()` bug
  • Added `Fr\LS::getDeviceID()`
  • Added `Fr\LS::userIDExists()`
  • Added `Fr\LS::removeToken()`
  • Follow PSR standards * Changed `Fr\LS::rand_string()` to `Fr\LS::randStr()`


  • logSys is now an object class. Static methods has been replaced
  • logSys object is passed by reference as first parameter to all callbacks


Instead of this :


This is the new way :

$LS = new \Fr\LS($config);

All the functions can be called just like before but on $LS object :



The first parameter of all callbacks will be the logSys object passed by reference. So, if you had a callback like this before :

"send_callback" => function($userID, $token){

You should replace that with this :

"send_callback" => function(&$LS, $userID, $token){


  • Added SQLite support
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added custom message callback




  • Fixed bugs
  • Removed SHA256 and instead use Bcrypt


  • Two Step Login
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Manage Devices
  • More Examples
  • Improved Examples
  • `config` -> `info` is now `config` -> `basic`
  • Added Email Callback so that developer can change the mechanism of sending email Previously, developer had to change the contents of \Fr\LS::sendMail() function Callback can be added in `config` -> `basic` -> `email_callback`


  • Updates to existing features
  • logSys is now part of the Francium Project
  • logSys is a static class and not an object class
  • "class.loginsys.php" is now "class.logsys.php"
  • \Fr\LS::changePassword() is merely a function and does not anymore prints the form for changing the password
  • Configuration is done by \Fr\LS::$config and Default Config in \Fr\LS::$default_config
  • \Fr\LS::timeSinceJoin() is now \Fr\LS::joinedSince()
  • More detailed comments
  • Tidied up parts of the code
  • Updates to the examples
  • Bugs reported has been fixed


  • Updates to existing features
  • Added feature for blocking brute force attacks with settings variables


  • Updates to existing features
  • Remember Me option on login
  • Improved $LS->init()
  • Added $LS->getUser() for easy retrieval of user information
  • Added $LS->updateUser() to easily update user information
  • Added functionality for getting time since the user joined
  • Added $LS->sendMail() for easily updating the preferred way of sending mails


  • Login, Register and basic functions of a login system
  • Forgot Password feature
  • $LS->init()