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Register and get service container classes
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Container gives you a small dependency injetion to use in your projects


Run 'composer require saiik\container' and include your autoload.php


The container class needs at least 1 parameter. The first parameter defines the "namespace" for your container. The 2nd one is a configuration array.


$container = new saiik\Container(
        'mockup' => true,
        'cache' => 'var/cache/proxies/%s.php'

Register a new instance

To register a new instance you can do it in 2 ways.

__When your class has dependencies on other classes, it will resolve them automatically.__

_In case you have dependencies on interfaces or an abstract class, you can set "mockup" in your configuration to true and it will mock up your interface / abstract class._

Using the register method

You can use the register method. This method expects at least 2 parameters.

  1. The name which will be used to store this instance.
  2. The name of the class
  3. Arguements such as string parameters or something else for the constructor (or method)


$container->register('controller', Controller::lass);

With args:

$container->register('view', Blade::class, ['templatePath' => __DIR__]);

Using the container object as an array

Also you can handle the container object as an array and register objects without any functions.


$container['contoller'] = Controller::class;

With args:

$container['view'] = [
        'templatePath' => __DIR__

Get a stored instance

To get one instance stored in the container just run this simple function:


And you get your instance.

Full example

$container = new saiik\Container(
        'mockup' => false

class GetMe {

    public function helloWorld() {
        echo "Hello!";


class Test {

    protected $test;

    public function __construct(GetMe $class) {
        $this->test = $class;

    public function test() {
        return $this->test;


$container['test'] = Test::class;